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  Pet Registry No.384  
  Doberman club collect the world’s top Doberman bloodline.
1. Doberman club bloodline’s kennel information:
<America> Foxfire Kennel, Marienburg Kennel, Cambria’s Kennel, Soquel Kennel, Kaywood Kennel, Aquarius Kennel
<Argentina>  Lex Luther Kennel
<Mexico> Black Shadow Kennel
<Italy>Urbano Del Diamante Nero Kennel
<Holland> van Neêrlands Stam, Franckenhorst Kennel
<Russia>Iz Doma Domeni Kennel, Sant Kennel
<Lativa>Del Nasi Kennel
<Ukraine>Ukr-Bakkara Kennel

2. Doberman club the famous dog of the world Bloodline information:
<America Doberman chart toppers> AM.CH foxfire's All That Jazz
<America Doberman chart toppers> CH Marienbug’s Repoberman
<America Doberman chart toppers’s sire>AM.CH Cambria's Cactus Cash
<America Doberman chart toppers> <chart toppers of Argentina>< chart toppers of Mexic>< chart toppers of Brazil’s sire> AM. Ch.Nello's Lex Luthor
<America main bloodline>AM. Ch Soquel's Distant Thunder
<IDC (international Doberman club) sire of the champion> Fedor Del Nasi
(The top four of male group, the top four of female group)
<IDC (international Doberman club) the champions bloodline>Pimm’s Number One Iz Doma Domeni
<IDC (international Doberman club) sire of the champions> <AIAD’s champion (AIAD is Associazione Italiana Amatori dei Doberman Association of Italian Dobermann Fanciers)>Urbano Del Diamante Nero
The champions of IDC (international Doberman club) Pathos delle Querce Nere
The champions of IDC (international Doberman club) Ramona Rashi del Citone
The champions of IDC (international Doberman club)Baron Nike Renewal

3. There are the most complete Germany, America and South America bloodline of Doberman Club. We just do a few amount of high quality breeding in one year. And you can find the top Doberman of race, security, train or partner what is your expect.

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